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About Rocky-Ryu

In April of 1960 Soke Hirotsugu Miki joined the school of Seigo-kai Goju-ryu Karate; training was daily with sessions being tough and rigorous. In 1970, after ten years of intensive training Soke established his own dojo on the 2nd floor of his house in Minami-ku, Kyoto. He named the dojo `Seigo-kai Kyoto Minami Dojo` and from here he continued teaching Seigo-kai Goju-ryu Karate until 1980.

During this time Soke developed a keen interest in human anatomy and soon realized how a greater understanding of anatomy would lead to improved techniques and methods of teaching karate. In 1980 Soke started Chiropractic study in the USA; the ongoing commitment to Seigo-kai Kyoto Minami Dojo required several trips back to Japan.

In November of 1980 Soke founded Rocky-kan Karate. Over the next nine years Soke refined and further improved the physical techniques and teaching methods of Rocky-kan Karate by utilizing his knowledge and experience of chiropractic therapy and his many years of karate training.

During this period Soke also continued to travel to the USA for further studies. In 1989 Soke changed the name of his Seigo-kai Kyoto Minami Dojo to Rocky-kan Karate School; this enabled Soke to expand and further develop his Karate style, it was at this time “Japan Rocky-ryu Karate” evolved.

 From the start, the martial art of karate focused on attacking as a form of defence, but it is also develops strong bodies and minds, and improves self-confidence.

Rocky-ryu is a martial art based on the traditional “Goju-ryu Karate” and “Shito-ryu Karate”, two of the original and most popular karate styles.

Rocky-ryu Karate was inaugurated to advance the healthy training of young people through karate-do. There are Rocky-ryu branches in Japan, Macau, Spain and Australia.

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